Coworking Software Features Your Members Love

How often do you take the time to look at your coworking software from a member’s perspective? 

If coworking is all about the members, it’s essential to have workspace management software that allows members to work more easily, efficiently, and effectively. Put the focus back on your members and their needs. Empower self-sufficiency.

As you get ready for the onslaught, here are several things members want from your coworking software. 


Slow and sluggish workplace management software is stressful, especially on a busy workday. Members are focused on launching, building, and growing businesses. Our tools should keep the momentum going. Not slow it down. 

The longer members are stuck on that dreaded loading screen the more frustrated they become. It’s negative experiences like these that reflect poorly on your company and the emphasis (or lack thereof) on your members’ needs and success.

Automatic Network Check-in

Manual check-ins should be a thing of the past. Coworking members don’t want to open an app or stop by the front desk every time they come to work – but you need to know who’s there, and when, for tracking, billing, and growth planning.

When members are picked up on wifi, they should be automatically checked in against whatever plan they are on. Eliminating the manual check-in step allows them to get straight to work and reinforces the idea that this is their space. In other words, it makes them feel right at home.

Set up network check-in today.

Easy-to-manage Billing

Make it your goal for members to think, “that was easy”, every time they update their payment information. It can be a mundane task, so don’t make it tedious too. 

Keep the process to as few clicks as possible. Nobody wants to have to navigate through the entire platform just to update an expired credit card.

Access Account and Reservations Through a Mobile App

Whether you’re standing in line, waiting for your table, walking to lunch, or riding in the car, being able to easily manage your account on-the-go is insanely valuable. 

This is a must-have workspace software feature for busy members. Living in the era of smartphones, it’s also a standard for less busy members who expect mobile access to their profile, settings, and info.

If your workspace software is not optimized for mobile devices, it can be clunky and unresponsive. Members need an intuitive coworking space mobile app that can keep up with our dynamic lives. 

Access to Payment History and Invoices

Gathering financial information at the end of the year gets overwhelming. Especially for independent professionals and anyone managing their business expenses with little to no support. If your coworking software makes it difficult to access membership and usage records, you’re only adding to their tax season stress. 

Easy access to payment history for the year is great. The ability to run a report that details all of my payments at-a-glance is brilliant.

Member Perks

Did someone say discounts? makes it easy to unlock savings and business opportunities for your members. 

With discounts on software, business cards, legal consultation, marketing and branding services, laptops and more, Included is a great way to support your community. Providing them access to their perks directly through the coworking software makes the deal even sweeter.

See Who is in the Space

Part of building a coworking community is knowing who is in the space with us. After two years of uncertainty, your members are eager to make new connections and rekindle old relationships.

Coworking software that shows members currently working in the space, with links to their member profile, encourages collaboration and facilitates serendipity. For those who are more hesitant, learning more about fellow members and seeing when they’re in the space with you feeds curiosity and stimulates conversation. 

(Note: Members should be able to choose to be incognito, too. )

Remember, everyone’s workstyle is different. Some enjoy being surrounded by a dynamic environment, while others need stillness to remain focused. The ability to see how many people are in the workspace at any given time enables members to choose their ideal work conditions. 


Want to see all of this in action? Let us give you a quick demo or check out interactive features on our website.

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Coworking Center Best Practices

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