Generate Revenue by Providing IT Support to Your Members: Strategies for Space Operators

Your members are working remote. Their teams are working remote. Everyone is now working remote.

But business—and your bills—go on.

If your members no longer have access to their workspace, network or office, how are they carrying on? Members now need a good, connected work environment at home.

How can you help them keep their business up and running during these uncertain times, while also keeping your workspace in the black?

One way is to offer Home IT Setup and Support to members.

The Deskworks IT team has put together a list of services you can offer members. Doing so lets you generate a new income stream independent of your physical location.

Here are some of the most valuable and relevant services we’re offering:

  • Get access to your office’s file server via a new VPN setup
  • Have office phone calls forwarded to your mobile device
  • Redirect email
  • Set up a cloud-based file server
  • Create rolling backups on a remote server so all data is backed up
  • Analyze your home WiFi signals and improve if necessary by upgrading routers and/or access points
  • Connect teams via phone or video conference calls.
  • Troubleshoot and setup printers and devices
  • Website updates to keep your members and potential members updated about protocol, openings, etc.
  • Home IT check-up

Our team can do most of this remotely, which means wherever you and your members are, we can likely help.

If you’re a Deskworks user, these services are offered at a reduced rate. If you’re not a Deskworks client, we are still here to help. Contact us to start a conversation.

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Coworking Center Best Practices

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