Reopen Your Office Safely with Flexible Workspace Software: Deskworks’ ReserveMyDesk

As people get back to work, remote and hybrid models for corporate office space are becoming increasingly common.

But how do you manage it? As an employer, your employees will likely work from home, from the office and from third locations, including coworking spaces.

If your headquarters is a traditional office, you’re probably thinking about reducing your facilities footprint, since you don’t need to accommodate all employees every day. New office best practices include rethinking common areas, letting people see when their team will be on site and allowing them to reserve workspace in advance.

This means you need uncomplicated technology that includes a conference room scheduling tool, space booking software and an app to manage meeting room bookings.

There’s a great model for this! The coworking industry has been managing flexible workspace and flex offices for quite a while. Whether employees need to book a meeting room or shared desk, coordinate team assignments and in-office meetings, reserve a day office, or simply let the reservation desk know when they’ll be in the space, using the software coworking spaces use makes sense.

Deskworks’ ReserveMyDesk workspace booking software is designed to help existing offices add a flexible office and desk reservation system. Built from our coworking management software, the ReserveMyDesk app is extraordinarily simple for both admins and employees to use on any device.

Rooted in coworking, ReserveMyDesk lets admins determine hours and areas of access for employees, tie bookings to floor plans, easily activate and deactivate employees, set buffer times to allow cleaning between desk space uses, and more.

With ReserveMyDesk, you can:

  • See which desks are currently in use on a clickable floor plan.
  • View a photo, description and capacity for each available space.
  • See who’s in the space in real-time, so teams can sit together and collaborate.
  • Check availability for any space and use Quick Reserve to grab a desk.

6 Next-level Benefits of ReserveMyDesk Workspace Management Software

  1. ReserveMyDesk’s Check-In features allow for either automatic or manual check-in of employees, depending on your company’s needs.
  2. The ReserveMyDesk state-of-the-art Server Cluster design means you are on your own server, in your own database, so your company is not impacted by what anyone else does anywhere in the world (and no commingling of data). Your data is completely secure and private.
  3. Non-staff, including contractors and partners, can reserve deskspace using ReserveMyDesk. There’s even an option to use our standard coworking billing features, so partners can be auto-billed for the space they use.
  4. ReserveMyDesk reports are generated on the screen in real-time, displayed on our customizable KPI Dashboard, and are downloadable as PDFs or CSVs. Simply select the fields you want to see and the date range you’re interested in and view all the KPIs that are important to you — with one click on one screen.
  5. ReserveMyDesk sends all employees a Welcome Letter, Reservation Confirmations and Reservation Reminders. Automation means you don’t need additional staff to manage your flexible workspace!
  6. The Message Board and email features allow you to communicate with any group of employees, and the Employee Profile allows people to share information about themselves (visible and searchable on the Meet Our Employees page) so remote doesn’t have to mean unknown.

Let us help you transition your team safely back to the office.

Deskworks’ ReserveMyDesk is a comprehensive solution to create flexible workspace within an existing space. Our ace team of industry experts is here for you.

Request a demo and let us show you just how easy bringing your employees back to the office can be.




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Coworking Center Best Practices

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