Coworking Meets E-commerce: a Q&A with Palletized Cofounder Maximiliano Trujillo

Palletized was way ahead of the game. Combining coworking, fulfillment and co-warehousing, they saw a need in the e-commerce market and filled it. Located in Doral, Florida, Palletized is a family owned and operated company dedicated to the success of its members.

The Deskworks team is proud to help power Palletized with our workspace management software. We connected with cofounder Maximiliano Trujillo to learn more about the inspiration for Palletized, how it fits into the larger coworking industry, and the vision for the brand moving forward.

What was the inspiration for Palletized?

Maximiliano Trujillo: E-sellers had the need for a coworking community with a complete array of logistics services so that they could focus on their business strategies, marketing and growing their company while we handle all their logistic nightmares. We saw a need for them to have the resources and scalability that larger companies in the industry have.

Coworking Meets E-commerce: Palletized open coworking space

You were ahead of the curve, combining coworking, fulfillment and co-warehousing. What have the last couple of years been like?

Due to the pandemic, we did reduce the focus on our coworking space as our occupancy dropped significantly. We got hit during this time on this side of the business. Fortunately, at the same time, our members were growing at an incredible rate in their sales and order volume, so we were able to compensate for this situation by having the fulfillment solution in place.

What is the Palletized community of members like?

We are a family owned and operated company, so for us, our members’ experience is paramount. We treasure their business proudly and we address our relationship as partners. Their success is our success.

Coworking Meets E-commerce: Palletized open coworking space

How do you see Palletized fitting into the larger shared workspace industry and coworking movement?

We take an innovative approach to the coworking and shared spaces culture. Unfortunately, the 3PL (Third Party Logistics) industry was perceived as these unknown, ugly and dark warehouses. Our main goal is to make these resources available to every player in the e-commerce industry. This can be a more approachable experience for any startup, small or midsize company.

Palletized is leading the way with coworking, fulfillment and co-warehousing. Where do you see this trend heading in the future?

E-commerce growth is there, and it has no signs of slowing down. We are on the right track to keep with our sustainable growth and have the possibility of expanding into more locations across the country. Providing reach from several locations will allow us to provide our members with better shipping rates and reduce transit time by splitting their inventory across multiple hubs.

Coworking Meets E-commerce: Palletized warehouse

What’s the biggest challenge in offering coworking, fulfillment and co-warehousing?

Palletized provides our members with tailored boutique logistic services, which requires us to have a higher pool of employees than any traditional shared office space. Currently we staff about 20 team e-specialists. We expect to add an additional 10 more team members by the end of the year. So labor, technology and commercial space are our biggest challenges.

What’s your big picture vision for Palletized? What would you most like to see?

Our growth has been organic, so this has allowed us to be independent in our decisions—however, we’ve been a lot more cautious and taken less risk than we would have wanted. In the end, it has paid off. We do expect to raise further capital (family and friends) within the next few months so we can start our expansion process.

Coworking Meets E-commerce: Palletized warehouse

What else should we know about Palletized?

We take pride in our Latin roots and as migrants we understand the challenges that entrepreneurs face in order to get their business on the right track to success. We just want to make this process a lot more efficient, reducing traditional barriers while providing entrepreneurs with a scalable solution.

Deskworks is in awe of the wonderful work that Max and Palletized are doing. We’re happy to help them with simplifying and automating running their coworking space. Want to learn how Deskworks can help you power a more efficient and sustainable coworking or flexible space? Send us a message or request a demo!

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