Your employees are coming back to work –
but not full-time.

What is now being called a Hybrid Office or Flexible Workspace, some employees will be in the office two days/week, some three – and some will be totally remote with the occasional on-the-fly conference time. Your boss wants you to find a way to provide 50 desks for 100 part-time employees to reduce facility costs.

Workspace Software on Desktop and Mobile

How do you manage a Flexible Workspace?

Deskworks’ ReserveMyDesk workspace booking software is designed to do exactly that. Built from coworking management software, ReserveMyDesk is a great way to create a flexible workspace for your team, and it’s extraordinarily simple for both admins and employees to use from any device.

With ReserveMyDesk, you’ll be able to:

  • See which desk spaces are in use right now on the color-coded clickable floor plans.
  • Hover over each space, and get a fly-out with a photo, description and capacity.
  • See who’s there now, so teams can sit together and collaborate.
  • Check availability for any space.
  • Use Quick Reserve to reserve a desk space right from the hover screen.

The best tool to create a flexible workspace for your team

Now, you’ll be able to drive collaboration within your workforce, allow your team to share information and automate tasks remotely, and improve operational efficiency – all with one tool.

Flexible Workspaces Made Simple

Workspace Software on Desktop and Mobile

Since ReserveMyDesk comes from a coworking background, you can do so much more; including:

  • Group your spaces on the Calendar by their location, to tie to the floor plan and simplify collaboration.
  • Give admins overview privileges, so they can see what’s happening in your facility at any time, for anyone.
  • Make spaces easy to find by moving them instantly from full-time use to ‘available for booking’.
  • Give employees 24/7 access, while setting others to restricted hours.
  • Connect to your employee database to automatically activate or deactivate employees; or enter new employees manually.
  • Set buffer times to allow cleaning between desk space uses.
  • Set operational hours for the entire facility, then customize for any individual desk space.
  • Authorize individual employees to use particular floors or facilities.

The Benefits of ReserveMyDesk


  • Use ReserveMyDesk’s Network Check-In feature, so employees are automatically checked in and out when their device is picked up on wifi
  • Use the manual check-in/out, or give us a signal of your choice!
  • See who’s in which desk space right on the Dashboard.

State-of-the-Art Security & Privacy

  • ReserveMyDesk uses a state-of-the-art Server Cluster design — you are on your own server, in your own database, so your company is not impacted by what anyone else does anywhere in the world (and no commingling of data).
  • All of your data is secure and private. If your server has an issue, another one is automatically spun up, with 5 layers of redundancy!

Non-Staff Use

  • Allow contractors and partners to reserve desk spaces as well. In fact, we can activate the standard coworking billing features for you, so partners can be auto-billed for the space they use!


  • Use ReserveMyDesk’s Network Check-In feature, so employees are automatically checked in and out when their device is picked up on wifi
  • All reports are generated on the screen in real-time, and they are downloadable as PDFs or CSVs.
  • Select the fields you want to see and the date range you’re interested in.
  • View the completely customizable KPI Dashboard — and save it, so you can view all the KPIs that are important to you — with one click on one screen!


  • Communicate with employees right through the program — via the Message Board or emails on the fly to any particular group of employees.
  • All employees automatically receive a Welcome Letter, Reservation Confirmations and Reservation Reminders.
  • The Employee Profile allows employees to share information about themselves (visible and searchable on the Meet Our Employees page) so remote doesn’t have to mean unknown.

The software to help you and your team get back to work

ReserveMyDesk offers a comprehensive solution for hybrid and flexible workspaces as businesses navigate heading back to the office. From helping employees reserve a desk space to managing and tracking use over time, ReserveMyDesk workspace booking software can help you and your team get back to work.

Let us show you Deskworks’ ReserveMyDesk Platform today. Coming back to the office is easier than you think with our desk booking software!