Meet Wag Bend, a Dog Daycare Powered by Deskworks

Deskworks isn’t just for coworking. Our space management software powers community college spaces, shared fulfillment centers, office complexes, and a dog daycare named Wag Bend in Bend, Oregon.

In 2011, Justin and Lesley Crowson took a leap of faith and created Wag Bend with their “last bit of savings and some sweet talking a landlord.” The leap paid off and now, 10 years in, Wag Bend is a favorite of local dogs and owners alike.

We checked in with Justin to get the scoop on the Wag Bend community, the inspiration for the business and what the team loves about Deskworks.

Wag Bend

Deskworks: What was the inspiration for Wag Bend?

Justin Crowson: My wife and I were vacationing in Arizona in 1994 when we stumbled on something we had never seen before, a dog park. We were mesmerized by the dog playing. Our dogs loved it.

We made up our minds that if we ever had the chance, we would try and do something with dogs. In 2010, we both lost our jobs and took our last $5000 out of savings and tried to find a location to open Wag. We figured we could go broke doing nothing, or go broke doing something. We opened April 11, 2011. Fast forward 10 years and here we are. Loads of ups and downs in between.

What is the Wag Bend community like?

Our “Waggers” are the best. We are honestly a family. On average we have 350 active clients, and we know them all.

Wag Bend

What’s one interesting or little-know fact about you or Wag Bend?

One fact—and we do not advertise this—we do not charge for services for medical or funeral circumstances. To me it is not right to profit from pain.

How have you pivoted Wag Bend during COVID?

We hunkered down and refined what we do best: communicate and relate. We spent as much time as we could talking with clients, making sure they were okay, letting them talk and letting them know we cared.

Our clients have always been told that they could come to us with anything, and they did.

Wag Bend

What drove your decision to use Deskworks to power Wag Bend?

Deskworks is like a family. I went to two or three other companies. They were a joke. They would send a demo, zero training or info. I was supposed to “play around” with the demo, plugging in my own fields trying to make it work for me.

Deskworks sat down and spoke to me and tried to understand my needs. My site is custom tailored to the Ranch. Logan is awesome, always available to help me as I am just smart enough to do stupid things on a computer.

What’s your favorite Deskworks feature?

My favorite feature by far is the schedule. For us, with a limited resource, we have 15 dogs using the Ranch at one time. Some dogs get along, some people do not. So the customers can go on and see who is scheduled. Then they can join or avoid.

Wag Bend

Thanks, Justin. Is there anything you’d like to add?

I’m looking forward to 2021 being a segway into a brighter future. Things have looked grim, but we are excited to put all the junk behind and see all the smiling faces. Let’s have a bonfire of used masks!

Deskworks workspace management software enables you to run a profitable, sustainable coworking space, flex office, dog daycare, or any type of shared space, with less staff. This allows your team to focus on sales and building community. Contact us to schedule a free, 15 minute consultation today.

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