Video: Intelligent Network Check-in

Intelligent Network Check-in recognizes connected devices and gives instant network permissions, tracking members against their plans for automated billing. WiFi codes are sent automatically with each reservation or day pass purchase. See who’s in the workspace at any time, right on the Deskworks dashboard. Watch our video to learn more:



Deskworks’ Intelligent Network Check-in is a game-changer – unique to Deskworks! From wherever you are…


See exactly who’s in your center — even how many devices they have online — from anywhere, on any device!


Guest wifi codes are sent automatically with every reservation. Best of all, these codes are active from a half hour before the reservation to a half hour after. No problem with people coming for an 8 am meeting and staying all day without buying a day pass.


Even non-members can just come into your center, self-service buy a day pass, and get right to work…saving your staff time and showing that you’re state of the art.


Aside from phenomenal functionality, Deskworks’ patented automated processes, with Intelligent Network Check-in, help you increase revenue. Design any plans you want. Maybe you’d like to build a plan that’s 10-day passes per month. Or 20 conference room hours. Or… whatever!


Deskworks – tracking when someone is in your center through their wifi connection – automatically compares their usage to the plan you sold them right through to automated billing and payment.


Like the IT infrastructure you have? Great! We can add Network Check-in to whatever you’re currently running in your center!


Let us show you just how this works! You’ll soon see the reason why Intelligent Network Check-in is an absolute game-changer.

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