How AllGoodWork Benefits Social Impact Organizations and Shared Workspaces with Triple Bottom Line Thinking

AllGoodWork epitomizes the community spirit that has helped drive the coworking movement from the start. The New York-based foundation connects social impact organizations with shared workspaces in their area that have available coworking space to donate. The foundation currently serves 23 organizations in 28 spaces, with many more spaces committed to the project.

Run by Nate Heasley, AllGoodWork has a unique challenge when it comes to member software. There is a community of AllGoodWork members, but they’re distributed across dozens of shared workspaces in New York City, and soon to be Denver, Austin and beyond. The foundation plans on partnering with hundreds, if not thousands, of spaces, but each location only hosts three to five AllGoodWork members.

Partnering with Deskworks

The workspace software the AllGoodWork team initially chose didn’t meet their needs. Heasley asked the Deskworks team if they’d like to partner on the project and they were met with an enthusiastic yes.

“I was very interested in what they were doing because it’s just so splendidly synergistic,” says Deskworks founder and CEO Barbara Sprenger. “These nonprofits that are starting up — and typically don’t have a lot of money to work with —
need a place to work out of. Coworking spaces have extra open space, and it doesn’t damage their bottom line to give one or two people an open coworking membership.”

Deskworks is clean, flexible, shared workspace software designed by space operators. Request a free demo.

A Customized Solution

AllGoodWork is one big coworking community, but Heasley needs to manage individuals in different spaces. He needs to quickly find a member in a particular space and manage their account. He also needs whole-site visibility to see where there are vacancies and what his occupancy is.

Deskworks handles this, and more, for Heasley. As AllGoodWork grows, Deskworks is growing with them and creating a customized software solution for the foundation.

“We need the same tools that the big brands play with,” says Heasley. “We’re going to have more centers than WeWork. If we move to San Francisco, there are 300 centers, and probably an equal number or more in New York. We’re aiming for 50 percent adoption, so every market could have 150 locations to manage.”

Straight-forward, Flexible Software

For Heasley, Deskworks is a straightforward, simple tool that meets his needs. In addition to the clean interface, he appreciates the functionality and ability to add non-resident members to the platform. He envisions a nomad program where AllGoodWork members have access to the larger community of spaces.

“The tool really matters,” he says. “If the tool is well thought-out—and Deskworks is—it makes a huge difference. When the tool doesn’t fit the requirements, you find yourself twisting and turning trying to make it fit. Deskworks is straightforward. It does what you need it to do, and one less complexity saves you a bunch of time.”

AllGoodWork in Action

In addition to contributing to social impact projects, AllGoodWork partner spaces benefit from increased public awareness and the tangible demonstration of an operator’s commitment to supporting social good organizations. As Sprenger explains, “It’s a good part of a triple bottom line strategy.”

She adds that AllGoodWork truly lives up to its name.

“They’ve found a way to make it seamless for coworking spaces to donate space and know that the donees are well-vetted,” she says. “Space operators are able to maximize the value of their donation.”

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