Exploring Flex Space in Commercial Real Estate

Business Tips, Note From the Founder

Commercial real estate companies (CREs) are looking more and more at what’s happening in the […]

Embracing Hybrid Work in Your Coworking Space

Business Tips, Community, Design

When we launched Satellite Workplaces in 2009, we had never heard the term coworking. We simply […]

The 9 Key Metrics for Coworking Spaces to Report to Investors and Stakeholders

Business Tips, Coworking, Coworking Software

As coworking spaces become more mainstream, operators need more and more analysis to be able […]

7 Workspace KPIs to Track in 2022

7 Workspace KPIs to Track in 2022

Business Tips, Coworking, Coworking Software, Workspace Management

As we get ready to start a new year — and a year that should […]

Improve Member Self-Sufficiency

10 Ways to Improve Member Self-Sufficiency in Your Flexible Workspace

Business Tips, Community, Coworking, Coworking Software, Technology, Workspace Management

Running a flexible workspace means being pulled in many directions at one time. You have […]

People working in a busy coworking space

Designing and Running an Automated, Welcoming Coworking Space

Business Tips, Coworking, Coworking Software, Design, Technology, Workspace Management

As a coworking space operator, designing your workspace correctly is a vital part of starting […]

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