Automate Your Coworking Space with Intelligent Network Check-in

You’re running a flex or coworking space, trying to manage a million details. Wouldn’t it be great to know who is in your center, at any time, from anywhere? Wouldn’t it be brilliant if that usage could be automatically logged and applied to their membership and billing?


With Deskworks’ patented Intelligent Network Check-In, you can track each member’s usage, giving you seamless processing from user activity to invoicing to payment. This automated process significantly reduces revenue leakage while maximizing productivity. 

Imagine Jane Smith signs up for a 10-day-a-month plan. The first time she shows up and tries to access your network, she sees your custom Splash Page, prompting her to enter her login credentials, granting her access to the internet. From then on she simply shows up and gets to work. She’s automatically checked in and out when she walks in. And because of our patented, cloud-based Intelligent Network Check-In, at the end of the month, Deskworks compares her physical usage in your space with the membership plan you have her on. This is where the real ingenuity exists.

If she shows up 8 days that month, she’ll be billed for her usual 10-day-a-month plan; if she shows up 14 times, those 4 extra days automatically roll onto her invoice. It’s the same with by-the-hour plans, day passes, half-day passes – or any type of membership you can dream up! 


With these easy automations, exhausting manual tracking is eliminated, as is human error. Hassle lost, revenue gained! And believe it or not, our Intelligent Network Check-In is just the tip of the iceberg. If you feel like seeing it live or want to check out more of our automated and time-saving functionalities, let us give you a personalized demo. 

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