Deskworks, Inc. Appoints Reed Thompson as CEO

Deskworks is excited to announce the appointment of Reed Thompson as our new Chief Executive Officer. Reed has a long history working in Silicon Valley technology companies, founding and running companies in the Software as a Service space as that technology began.
He has taken several software startups from inception through large-scale growth, and Deskworks is right in his wheelhouse.

“I joined Deskworks after significant research into the coworking industry, the great product that Deskworks is, and careful analysis of the important and robust technology that the company has developed for automating the management of coworking and flex office spaces. They’ve been able to put together an amazing team, and I’m looking forward to capitalizing on what I’ve learned over the years to take the company to the next level,” remarked Thompson.

Deskworks’ unique and intuitive technology simplifies running spaces, whether small coworking spaces or large enterprise franchises – or anything in between.

“We’re so pleased to have Reed with us,” commented Barbara Sprenger, Deskworks’ Founder and Chief Product Officer. “I’m looking forward to being able to focus on Deskworks’ ever-increasing features and technology, as our industry grows. With Reed in position to grow and manage the company, we can move even faster!”

Deskworks was spun off from Satellite Telework Centers, Inc. in 2022. The company has built and run welcoming and automated coworking spaces since 2009. We hear every day, “You certainly understand what we need – it’s obvious you have run centers!”

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Note from the CEO, Barbara Sprenger

Who knew that “hybrid” had so many uses?

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