Elevate Your Coworking Space with Interactive Floor Plans

If you’re running a coworking or flex office space, you’re probably busier than a spring bee. We run spaces too and know how it feels to be pulled in a multitude of directions. That’s why Deskworks is here for you, with intuitive and efficient automation to make life easier for all of us.


For instance, by embedding Deskworks’ Interactive Floor Plan into your website, anyone can check out your location from the comfort of home (or wherever they may be). What is more, by clicking on any particular area of the floor plan, they can see a photograph, description, availability, and occupancy of each space. Finally, if you so choose, they can even make a reservation and set up payment in just a few clicks.



And because each dedicated space is tied to a reservation unit, your site’s occupancy will be updated in real-time, and that space taken out of availability on your Interactive Floor Plan, all with our hassle-free automation. You simply sit back and let the good times roll in.



Want to see it in action? We make that easy, too. Check out our site in Campbell, CA for an example, or let us give you a personalized demo of our Interactive Floor Plans, and so much more.

We want your life to be easier. And we dare guess that you do too.

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