There’s Light at the End of this Tunnel: a Message to Coworking Space Operators

by Barbara Sprenger, founder and CEO of Deskworks

It’s so hard to stay positive running a coworking space during these tenuous times. Your income is probably down, you don’t know how long the Covid-related reduction will last, and you still have rent and payroll due.

But if you can hang on, the other side of the pandemic is very likely to be much better than before. Covid shutdowns have created a seismic shift in workplace thinking that will not go backwards.

Employers sent workers home and found that productivity stayed strong.

They’ve figured out how to stay connected with their employees remotely. They are seeing that they need much less expensive downtown office space. They can build a cohesive team while hotdesking and having employees come in one or two days a week, rather than full time. They can efficiently use Slack and Zoom for maintaining connections.

But we are human.

Employees—not all, but many—still need a place to work that isn’t their home.

They need a place where they can escape both the distractions of home and the isolation.

They need a place that’s conducive to focused work, and separates work from the rest of their life.

They need a life.

So hang on.

You are the answer that’s so desperately needed: a safe place that lets people avoid long commutes, connect safely with others, establish work/life boundaries.

We need you.

The Deskworks team has more than 10 years of experience running coworking spaces. Contact us to schedule a free 15-minute demo.

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