4 Simple Ways to Monitor Coworking Space Usage

Tracking coworking space usage is an essential part of running a sustainable workspace business. By understanding how your space is being used, you can better serve your members and your bottom line.

Here are four simple ways to monitor coworking space usage.

1. Automatic Network Check-in

Automatic network check-in, where people are added to your network when they use a device in your space, is one of the keys to understanding workspace usage. Automatic check-in allows you to see who is in your space, at any time, from any device. 

This means you won’t need to guess who, or how many, are in your workspace. You’ll see everyone who has logged on in, whether via a phone, tablet or laptop. 

The Deskworks patented coworking software automatically checks members in when their device connects to your network through wifi or a hard-wired connection. With that information, their usage is then compared to their plan for auto-tracking and billing. With network check-in, you can offer membership products by the month, week, day, hour or other increment.

2. Check-in Report

Deskworks has 12-plus new features, including the new Check-in Report. 

This report shows how much usage your space gets each day. Check-ins can be tracked over any time period, from the current hour to the past year and beyond.

Once you have a clear picture of when and where people check-in, you can adjust your workspace design, coworking memberships offerings and products.

3. Reservation Utilization Report

How frequently are meeting rooms and workspace rentals being utilized in your coworking space? 

This data is crucial to making informed decisions about room allocation in your space, as well as correcting any underperforming areas or products.

With Deskworks, you can collect this data and see, at-a-glance, your reservation utilization.

4. Book-it-now Non-member Reservations

The Deskworks Non-member Reservation Link is a quick booking tool that allows non-members (or members) of your workspace to click a link from your website and go directly to your availability calendar. 

People can see a photo, price and description of the room, designated desk, day office or product, then click in any time slot to reserve it. 

This is a great feature to have on your mobile app so people can make reservations on-the-fly. It also allows you to easily track space usage from within your Deskworks dashboard.

You don’t have to hire a developer or try to integrate network check-in yourself. Deskworks has developed a full-featured integration from your shared workspace management software to your wired and wireless network. We also offer a range of business reporting and data analysis tools to help your understand, and run, your space better. Book a free demo today.

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