Weighing in on the Workspace Ecosystem with the Coworking Survey

In the last 10 years, coworking has grown from a small movement to a global industry.

Along the way, the annual Coworking Survey has helped space operators and service providers keep track of the remarkable growth, as well as where spaces are opening, who is working in them, and how shared workspaces are affecting lives and communities.

Last year’s survey provided a treasure chest of interesting data about space operators, the size and sustainability of different workspace models, an overview of members and what they love about coworking, plans for scaling (or not) and much more.

The 2019 Coworking Survey

The 2019 Coworking Survey is now live and ready for your input.

As the Deskmag website explains:

“How many people plan to open a coworking space in the future? What kind of people use coworking spaces and what is important to them? How many spaces are profitable? Knowing the answers to such questions helps us better understand the coworking movement and ensure sustainable growth. Good news – we publish the answers every year as part of the Global Coworking Survey in a variety of reports. It’s the biggest survey on coworking worldwide. To get the widest and most accurate view of coworking, we need your help. From today, you can take part in the next edition of the Global Coworking Survey.”

Who is the Coworking Survey For?

Whether you’re a space owner, operator, community manager, member, service provider or otherwise interested party, the survey is for you.

The more people participate, the clearer look it will provide into the global coworking ecosystem.

Take the survey at coworkingsurvey.com

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