The Right Space for the Right Work: a Q&A with Dorothy Rogers-Bullis of Saratoga CoWorks

Coworking, Customer Spotlight

Dorothy Rogers-Bullis is a founding partner of Saratoga CoWorks, the first coworking space in Saratoga […]

Perseverance and Peace of Mind: a Q&A with Natalie Miller of Grit & Lavender

Coworking, Customer Spotlight

Natalie Miller is the founder of Grit & Lavender, a coworking and flexible office space […]

Featured Workplace Operator: Carol Digiovanni of onFlume in Chico, CA

Coworking, Customer Spotlight

Carol is both the co-founder and community manager of OnFlume. She spent some time with […]

Featured Workplace Operator: Robbin Orbison of Capespace, Cape Cod, MA

Coworking, Customer Spotlight

Hi Robbin. Why did you start up a coworking space? I spent my career in […]

Dallas Cowboys put a spin on coworking

Community, Coworking, Coworking Software, Customer Spotlight

The Cowboys are innovative on so many levels. We checked in with Chelsea Vick to […]

Hollywood Open Space at The Muse Rooms

Inside the Muse Rooms: Coworking by Creatives for Creatives

Community, Coworking, Customer Spotlight

The Muse Rooms is a coworking brand in Southern California with the tagline, “by creatives […]

Her Workspace: Building a Space for Women Entrepreneurs to Thrive

Her Workspace: Building a Space for Women Entrepreneurs to Thrive

Community, Coworking, Customer Spotlight

Her Workspace is a women’s coworking space in Atlanta serving female entrepreneurs and professionals. The […]

Palletized warehouse

Coworking Meets E-commerce: a Q&A with Palletized Cofounder Maximiliano Trujillo

Business, Community, Coworking, Customer Spotlight

Palletized was way ahead of the game. Combining coworking, fulfillment and co-warehousing, they saw a […]

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