8 Things Members Want from Your Coworking Software

As a workspace operator, you spend a lot of time thinking about coworking software: Which one to get? Is it time to change? Is there a better option out there?

How often do you take the time to look at your software from a member’s perspective?

If coworking is all about the members, it’s important to have workspace software that enables members to work more easily, efficiently and effectively.

Here are eight things members want from your coworking software.

1. Speed

If your workspace software is slow and sluggish, your members are frustrated, at best, and completely over it, at worst.

Members are busy launching, building and growing businesses. We do not want to be slowed down by software that takes five minutes to navigate from the log-in page to the meeting room reservation page, where it takes another several minutes to get a room booked.

We really do not want that.

Slow and bloated software reflects poorly on your workspace business and the focus (or lack thereof) on your members’ needs and success.

2. Automatic Network Check-in

Members don’t want to check in every time we come into your space. We want to flip open our laptops and get to work.

If your system includes manual check-in for members, you’re adding an unnecessary to-do to our already long to-do list.

Set up network check-in today.

3. Easy-to-manage Payment Settings

When the credit card you have on-file for me expires, please make it super easy to update my information.

We don’t want to have to click eight pages in to give you our new number. We want to click once, put the new information in, and get on with it.

4. Access Account and Reservations Through a Mobile App

As a coworking member who uses phone booths, meeting rooms, podcast booths, conference rooms and video rooms every week, being able to reserve a room on-the-go is insanely valuable.

I’ve booked many rooms while I’m in line at a store, waiting for my next meeting, or on the road. I need the coworking space mobile app to be intuitive, and I want it to do what I need in the fewest possible clicks.

This is a must-have workspace software feature for busy members. It’s also a nice convenience for less busy members who just want mobile access to their profile, settings and info.

5. Access to Payment History and Invoices

At the end of the year, we need to access all our payment history and invoices easily and quickly.

As independent professionals, we are buried in receipts, reports and payment confirmations. We take a double hit with taxes, so it’s vital to have accurate records of business expenses, including coworking space membership and usage.

Please make this easy on us.

Being able to easily access payment history for the year is great. Being able to run a report that details all of my payments at-a-glance is brilliant.

6. Member Perks

Who doesn’t love a membership perk? Included.co is leading the way with its coworking member perks programs.

With discounts on software, business cards, legal consultation, marketing and branding services, laptops and more, Included is becoming a workspace industry standard. Members should be able to connect with their member perks directly through the coworking software.

7. Clear Navigation

Don’t make members click around looking for the information we need. We want to log-in, do what we need to do, and get back to our business.

We’re not interested in unnecessarily complex software.

We are interested in software that does what we need it to do quickly and intuitively.

8. See Who is in the Space

Part of building a coworking community is knowing who is in the space with us.

Coworking software that shows members currently working in the space, with links to their member profile, facilitates serendipity and potential collaborations.

In-person connection is at the heart of community, but learning more about fellow members and seeing when they’re in the space with you is a good opening for conversation and connection.

This is especially important in large spaces or spaces where members are spread across different levels, rooms or offices.

Note: Members should be able to turn this feature off, either for privacy reasons or because they’re working heads-down and would rather be a bit incognito.

The Coworking Software Solution

Deskworks does all of this and more.

Our network check-in, workspace automation, community features, easy reservation system and app, perks program, quick reporting features and more set Deskworks ahead of the pack of workspace software solutions.

Request a demo to see how we can help you better serve your members today. Contact us with any questions.

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