7 Reasons We Love the GWA Conference

The Deskworks team is heading to Washington, D.C. soon for the Global Workspace Association (GWA) conference.

As members of GWA and sponsors of the conference, we’re looking forward to connecting with coworking friends and colleagues, learning about the latest industry trends, and showcasing the new features of our coworking software with our workspace community.

The future of work is here and it’s an exciting time to be an industry service provider. As workspace operators ourselves, we’re committed to helping other operators launch and run profitable, sustainable spaces with Deskworks.

GWA is a great way to meet and help space owners and operators in-person. Here are seven reasons we love the GWA conference and community.

1. Listen and Learn

Sponsoring GWA gives us an opportunity to connect with workspace operators to learn more about your needs, challenges and vision for your space and community. As our member spaces know, we’re committed to creating the best workspace management tool around. Our goal is to help you focus on your community, not your software.

2. The Agenda

This year’s GWA agenda includes presentations on hospitality, leadership, creating a “service excellence culture,” the evolution of workspace design, attracting corporate occupiers, the federal government’s real estate strategy, management agreements and more. We can’t wait to dive into these rich topics with the GWA community.

3. Welcoming New Workspace Operators

We love welcoming new operators to this quickly-evolving sector. As the workspace industry continues its remarkable growth, coworking is changing, but it is still rooted in community and connection.

4. Ask Questions

To build the best workspace software, it’s vital that we learn from operators. At GWA, we focus on asking questions to get to know operators, service providers, owners, brokers, landlords and everyone in-between better. Our commitment to stay on top of industry trends and best practices means learning everything we can from the people powering the future of work.

5. Share Tips and Best Practices

As workspace operators with eight spaces under our Satellite Workspace brand, we’ve fine-tuned our process for finding, launching, growing and sustaining profitable coworking spaces. We love connecting with other space operators to share insights into what works for us and how we use Deskworks to automate our spaces, monitor space usage, eliminate revenue leakage, support our space operators and make member onboarding a breeze.

6. Demo Our Workspace Software

We’re proud of our patented Deskworks software. We use it to power all of our spaces, and workspace operators around the world use it to power theirs. GWA gives us the opportunity to showcase our new features, automation capabilities, how we track space usage, our automatic member check-in, one-click reporting, integrations with industry-leading tools and more.

7. Connect with Partners

Deskworks has over 150 member spaces and we integrate with dozens of tools and apps. GWA gives us an opportunity to connect with our partners and community members in-person. Video calls are great, but nothing beats real life connection.

Are you heading to GWA? Let’s connect. We’d love to show you around our coworking management software, demo any features you’d like to see, and learn more about what you’re working on with your workspace business and brand. Find us at booth 21.

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