The Right Space for the Right Work: a Q&A with Dorothy Rogers-Bullis of Saratoga CoWorks

Coworking, Customer Spotlight

Dorothy Rogers-Bullis is a founding partner of Saratoga CoWorks, the first coworking space in Saratoga […]

Perseverance and Peace of Mind: a Q&A with Natalie Miller of Grit & Lavender

Coworking, Customer Spotlight

Natalie Miller is the founder of Grit & Lavender, a coworking and flexible office space […]

Featured Workplace Operator: Carol Digiovanni of onFlume in Chico, CA

Coworking, Customer Spotlight

Carol is both the co-founder and community manager of OnFlume. She spent some time with […]

Featured Workplace Operator: Robbin Orbison of Capespace, Cape Cod, MA

Coworking, Customer Spotlight

Hi Robbin. Why did you start up a coworking space? I spent my career in […]

3 Takeaways from the live in-person Seattle GCUC!

Community, Coworking, Note From the Founder

It was amazing to see old friends and new at the Global Coworking Unconference Conference […]

The 9 Key Metrics for Coworking Spaces to Report to Investors and Stakeholders

Business Tips, Coworking, Coworking Software

As coworking spaces become more mainstream, operators need more and more analysis to be able […]

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