3 Reasons We Hopped the Pond for GCUC UK

Last week the Deskworks team left our California headquarters, hit GWA in D.C., and has now hopped the pond to London as sponsors of the second annual GCUC UK coworking conference.

This is our first time at GCUC UK, but we’re longtime members of the GCUC community. We’ve participated in GCUC events across the States, showing space operators how our patented workspace software can help them make money, save time and grow a coworking community.

We’re thrilled to experience the London workspace scene firsthand. The UK workspace landscape is mature, forward-thinking and exciting. We’re already meeting inspiring space operators and workspace service providers from around the UK.

Here are three reasons we’re participating in—and sponsoring—the GCUC UK conference.

1. The More the Merrier

The workspace industry is growing fast, and we’re growing right along with it. Deskworks founder and CEO Barbara Sprenger has grown her Satellite Workplace brand to seven spaces in California and Deskworks now powers workspaces around the world.

The way we see it, the more the merrier.

There is plenty of room for everyone in this industry.

Sprenger designed Deskworks to be a powerful, flexible tool to manage workspaces of any size or type. Deskworks handles everything from invoicing, automatic member check-in and meeting room registration to custom reporting, member communication, space usage tracking, mobile access and much more.

2. International Community

We have a growing, international Deskworks community and we love connecting with fellow workspace operators.

We’re already learning a ton (or tonne, if you’re British) about the opportunities, challenges and needs of UK space operators and are looking forward to introducing ourselves, and the Deskworks software, to our friends and colleagues at GCUC UK.

3. Family Time

In addition to the above, Sprenger, has family in London and is hanging out with loved ones in-between conference todos. So being in London is quite fun and cozy for us.

If you’re at GCUC UK, be sure to come say hello. We’d love to show you what we’ve been working on.

If you’d like to see Deskworks in action, request a demo.

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