Empower Members in Your Shared Workspace: 7 Ways to Save Time and Overhead Costs

Shared workspace operators are busy. They have members and guests to greet, operations to execute, emails and calls to answer, printers to fix, coffee to make and a workspace to run.

One of the best ways to support your Community Manager and shared workspace team is to empower members of your space to do as much as they can on their own. This will free up time for your staff, eliminate repetitive tasks and reduce your overhead costs. Here are 7 ways to empower members in your shared workspace, using Deskworks workspace software.

1. Give members access to their workspace account information

The Deskworks member dashboard gives members at-a-glance information about meeting room reservations, reservation credits, day pass usage, upcoming charges, past charges and billing plan details.

Giving members of your shared workspace access to their account information means they don’t have to ask your Community Manager about meeting room billing, how many day passes they’ve used this month, or how much their next charge will be.

2. Let members make meeting room reservations

In the early days of coworking, people used spreadsheets and paper schedules to keep track of meeting room bookings. We’ve come a long way since then. Deskworks empowers members to make meeting room reservations, change their reservations and cancel them, all in real-time. There’s no longer any reason for your shared workspace team to have to spend time organizing or managing a meeting room schedule. Deskworks also lets you set specific hours for any resource, so you don’t have to worry that someone might book a space in a time slot reserved for your staff meeting.

3. Let new workspace members register themselves

When it comes to empowering workspace members, you may as well start on day one. Deskworks lets new members register themselves and agree to their membership Terms of Service on any device. When a new member registers, staff is notified via email. This eliminates the need for an unnecessarily long onboarding process and gets members started on the right foot.

4. Members don’t have to self-register

Building on number 3 above, if someone isn’t comfortable registering on their own, Deskworks offers the flexibility to allow workspace staff to register the person and get them up-to-speed. Being able to show new members (who may not be tech-savvy) best practices from the start can help them be more self-sufficient down the road.

Deskworks is flexible workspace software designed by space operators to save time and money. Request a free demo.

5. Give members easy access to account statements

When a member of your shared workspace needs an account statement for a given period, there’s no need for them to ask your workspace staff. With Deskworks, members can pull their own statements for any given period, right from their member dashboard.

6. Let members create and change their profile

Deskworks lets members create and change their account profile, including name, address and email. Members can also update their own billing information.

7. Facilitate member communication and connection

The Deskworks Member Communicator tool connects to social media platforms, including Slack, Google Groups, Bisner and Facebook. This empowers members to get connected, share information and stay in the community loop.

Note: In 2018, Deskworks is introducing a Community Platform tool with a public-facing component that lets members share aspects of their profile through a Meet Our Members section, as well as an internal member message board.

The Community Platform will help members of your shared workspace market their services to the extended community and more easily communicate with each other through the Deskworks dashboard.

Empower workspace members to save time and money

Empowered members are happy members. Most people in shared workspaces don’t want to have to stop and ask the community manager every time they need to make an adjustment to their account, schedule a meeting, contact a fellow member or pull an account statement. Deskworks empowers members and helps workspace operators save time and reduce overhead costs. To see Deskworks in action, request a demo today.

Deskworks is flexible workspace software designed by space operators to save time and money. Request a free demo.

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