Is Your Workspace Software Working for You?

Choosing software for your shared workspace is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a space operator.

The right workspace software will enable you to run your space efficiently, smoothly and affordably.

The wrong software will leave you frustrated as you try to navigate confusing processes, non-intuitive design and navigation, systems that try to do too much without doing anything particularly well, and software that was created by software developers not workspace operators.

Deskworks is workspace software that was designed and developed by the Satellite Workspace team for use in our spaces and is now powering over a hundred workspaces in five countries. Here are some of the ways we make running a workspace easier.

Know Who’s in your Space, From Anywhere, Anytime

Are you on the honor system and having a little too much revenue fall through the cracks? Deskworks’ Network Checkin not only tells you who’s there, it checks people in against their plan, tying right through to automated billing. Let non-members buy day passes simply by opening their computers and clicking a few buttons, freeing up staff to engage rather than process.

Quick and Painless Member Onboarding

If onboarding new members is a long, involved process in your space that includes answering countless questions about how your workspace software even works, it’s time to make a change. Deskworks offers quick and painless member onboarding that can be done in a few minutes. This frees up administrative time and costs and helps members get right to work in your space.

Empowered Members

Once you’ve onboarded a new member, how easy is it for them to reserve a meeting room, update their billing information and make changes to their membership plan? Deskworks empowers members to do more so your community managers can focus on running the space and community.

Great Customer Service

When things go sideways (or you just have questions) with your workspace software, how easy is it to talk with a human and quickly resolve the issue? The Deskworks team takes pride in being available, responsive and open to suggestions for how we can continue to improve our workspace software.

Lean, Flexible, Effective Workspace Software

Is your current workspace software bloated and slow? Too many software providers try to do too much, without actually doing any one thing particularly well. This results in sluggish workspace software that’s frustrating to use and overkill for what space operators actually need. Deskworks is clean, lean and flexible. We’ve designed it to do what workspace operators—like ourselves—need it to do. We don’t try to do everything under the sun, we simply help you run your space more efficiently and effectively.

Deskworks is flexible workspace software designed by space operators to save time and money. Contact us to learn more about our meeting room app and how we can help you run your coworking space more efficiently.

Simple, Supported Setup

The Deskworks team helps you through the entire startup and onboarding process, from helping you to evaluate your plans and prices to a quick and simple upload of your existing data, setting up credit card processing, and training. You’re never left on your own until you tell us you’re ready.

Easy Payment Processing for You and Your Workspace Members

There are more and more ways to pay every day, and Deskworks is set up to take advantage of these as they come about. You’re not limited to one or two payment processors, which are typically the more expensive ones. Deskworks lets you use just about any processor and any credit card gateway. (Although we do recommend a really good one, and you won’t beat the price!)

Want Help with the Peripherals?

Printing…mail…we understand the components of running coworking spaces that can take much more time than they ought to. Deskworks includes a one-click upload of all printer charges, so you’re not entering two copies for fifty different people. And mail? Deskworks includes simple tracking of mail and where it goes.

Clear Communications and Customer Relations

Are your members communicating with each other on Slack? Or a Facebook Group? Or Bisner? A LinkedIn Group? Deskworks can set up the connection right in your menu bar. Or check out Deskworks’ new Community Connector, with a message board, Meet Our Members page, scheduled message emails and the other pieces you need to truly build and connect your community.

Deskworks is flexible workspace software designed by space operators to save time and money. Contact us to learn more about our meeting room app and how we can help you run your coworking space more efficiently.

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