Google Disrupts Coworking Spaces with New GMB Guidelines

Google Trips Up Coworking Spaces with New GMB Guidelines

Business, Coworking, Coworking Software, Technology

Dec. 19, 2022 Update: Google My Business (GMB) is currently known as Google Business Profile […]

Customizable Workspace Management Software

8 Must-haves in Your Customizable Workspace Management Software

Business, Coworking Software, Technology

Your workspace management software needs to be flexible and customizable. It needs to work the […]


When Do You Need Coworking Software? 9 Tips for New Workspace Operators

Business, Coworking Software, Technology

When do you need software to run your coworking space? The short answer is, before […]


How to Run a Coworking Space with Just One Person

Business, Coworking Software, Technology

Can one person run a coworking space? Can you run a space remotely? Can you […]


Automate Your Coworking Space to Weather the Next Six Months of COVID

Coworking Software, Technology

COVID is giving a major jolt to the workspace industry. Commercial real estate will not […]


Best Router for a Coworking Space: a Guide for Workspace Operators


Choosing the best router for a coworking space isn’t as exciting as choosing furniture, art […]


Best Printer for Your Coworking Space: a Guide for Workspace Operators

Coworking Software, Technology

What’s the best printer for a coworking space? There are lots of choices, but the […]


Satellite Deskworks is Now Fully Accessible Software

Business, Coworking Software, Technology

The Deskworks team is proud to report that Satellite Deskworks workspace management software meets all […]

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